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Leather Cleaning


Leather furniture is an excellent investment. Leather is extremely durable, but it does show signs of wear and soiling that become very noticeable over time. This is why cleaning and maintenance are very important.

Leather attracts body oils, grease from people and pets, perspiration, airborne soils, cooking greases, food stains, spills, dyes, and inks from fabrics, newspapers, etc.

Our Process: First we do a thorough and gentle cleaning of the leather with a ph-balanced product, then we apply a leather restorer and protectant, which is rubbed into the leather then buffed by hand. This seals, restores, and softens the leather to help prevent cracking.

For your leather cleaning and restoration needs, Penobscot Cleaning Services, Inc. handles it all.



Leather should be cleaned regularly. First, use a soft cloth or micro-fiber cloth to dust the surface. Saddle soap works beautifully on leather.

Another option for cleaning leather is to take a damp cloth, wipe it across moisturizing soap and lather the leather. Don’t rinse – buff for a nice shine.


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