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Hoarding cleanup help

Hoarding cleanup help

hoarding cleanup help

Hoarding is a challenge that many people in our society face and at Penobscot Cleaning we are proud to offer professional hoarding cleanup help and services. This challenge can manifest in physical environments, in ways that are difficult for people to manage. It can often be a sensitive issue.

At Penobscot Cleaning, we are experts in dealing not only with the manifestations of hoarding but also with the human side to it and being sensitive to all the facets involved. It’s about much more than just cleaning up a cluttered space. Penobscot Cleaning understands the issues that come with hoarding. Homes that are affected by hoarding can present hazards to health in many ways and our goal is to provide immediate attention and action to the situation for a remedy that works.

Penobscot Cleaning offers professional hoarding cleanup help. Call us today and speak to one of our service professionals.