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Air Quality Testing

Penobscot Cleaning Services Inc. is the premier indoor air testing company in Maine for air quality tests for a home or a business. With over 40 years in helping the people of Maine, we provide comprehensive consulting, inspection and Air Quality testing services.

Besides noticeable health issues, there are other ways to identify that you may have problems with air quality inside your home or business. With poor ventilation you may notice the buildup of condensation on your windows or walls. If the heating or air cooling systems in your building are dirty, the overall indoor environment may have smelly or stuffy air. You may even notice the physical presence of mold growing on items or areas of your home.

PCSI Provides Air Quality Testing Services for the following:

  • Water Damage Inspections
  • Sewer Back Flow Inspections
  • Mold & Bacteria Testing
  • Insurance Moisture Damage Characterizations & Documentation
    • Cause & Origin Assessments, Water & Mold Loss Characterizations, Infrared Services, Bio-Remedial Plans, Pre & Post Remedial Testing, Project Documentation of Pre-Existing Conditions, Cause of Loss Documentation, and more.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Evaluations
    • Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dust Mites, Pet Allergens, Soot and More. 
  • Infrared (IR) Thermography Surveys
    • Hidden Moisture, Water Loss Characterization & Moisture Mapping, Roof Leaks, Building Envelop Leaks & Leak Tracing.
  • Pre & Post Mold Remediation Testing
  • Cause & Origin Investigations
  • Disaster Testing:
    • Water and Sewer Backflow Damage
    • Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage
    • Mold Remediation
    • Trauma, Bloodborne & Crime Scenes

What Do You Receive?

  • Fast Response and Professional Services
  • Property Loss Assessments & Inspections
  • Mold Inspection Reports, Plans and Documentation
  • Laboratory Results
  • Experienced and Certified Professionals
  • Professional Witness Testimony

All inspections and tests are conducted in accordance with standards and practices recognized by the US EPA, AIHA, IAQA, OSHA, ACGIH, and IICRC, among other nationally recognized standards and practices.

  • Council certified Microbial Remediation Inspectors, Remediators & Supervisors
  • Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  • Maine OSHA LEAD Renovate Certified.