Hard Surface Floors

Are your hard surface floors looking dull or worn? Are they not cleaning up like they used to? Hard floor surfaces need to be maintained on a regular basis to retain the finish on wood flooring, as well as the factory finish layer on laminate and vinyl flooring.

Hard floorings number #1 enemy is fine soils, sand & silt. These act as sand paper under foot traffic on your floors, grinding away the protective layers.

Hard floorings enemy #2 is hot water. You should always use tepid water and a neutral (7) PH cleaner to clean your floors!

Hard floorings enemy #3 is high alkaline cleaners mixed in very high dilution ratios! These are products like pine cleaners, degreasers & bleaches. Always use a neutral cleaner to clean your floors!

The combination of the 3 listed enemies will have your floors looking dull in no time! We recommend daily vacuuming, dust mopping to remove the fine soils, followed by damp mopping your floors with a neutral (7) PH cleaner properly mixed in tepid water.

Remember most companies that make cleaning products are in the business to sell cleaning products! So, if the container says use 4 oz. to a gallon; 2 oz. will do the job just fine! Leaving your floors residue free! A company that manufactured hair shampoo years ago just about doubled their sales overnight by just adding one word to the bottle lather, rinse, and “Repeat”. It was a marketing genius idea! Now we all know you do not have to repeat unless you only wash your hair every 2-4 weeks. Less of any cleaning product we use is better for the planet, as we all have to live here.

If these steps do not bring back some of the luster, it may be time for a deep cleaning and a possible maintenance finish coat to restore the look. And remember we are here to help if you have any questions!

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