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Heat pump cleaning services in Augusta Maine

Heat pump cleaning

Heat pump cleaning services in Augusta Maine


heat pump cleaningWHY HEAT PUMPS ARE GREAT:

• They are like putting a dollar in and getting 3 dollars back!
• They are Efficient!
• They can be used to cool, heat and dehumidify!
• One exterior unit can service many areas of a home or business However, they do need maintenance to keep them running properly and efficiently; as well as providing CLEAN AND SAFE INDOOR AIR QUALITY for you and your family.



Higher energy bills: if your coils are dirty and clogged, your system runs longer and works harder to reach the temperature setting. Clean condenser coils will keep your energy bills lower!

More repairs: If your system has to work harder due to dirty coils, your systems components will have to be replaced faster due to wear.

Shorten the life span of your unit: If your coils are dirty, the added demand on your unit will reduce the overall life span of your unit.

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Steam Cleaning Services in Augusta Maine

Steam cleaning services

Steam cleaning services in Augusta Maine


steam cleaning services

Improve your indoor air quality. Our steam cleaning services removes dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and reduces allergy symptoms, making your home a healthier place.

Protect your investment! Regular cleanings by certified professionals will ensure your carpets look better and last much longer.

Benefits of using Penobscot Cleaning Services.

  • Kills dust mites and bacteria
  • Removes the debris they live on
  • Extracts flea eggs
  • Makes traffic lanes clean and fluffy
  • Prolongs carpet life
  • Improves softness
  • Washes out water-soluble soils
  • Removes oil based soils
  • Brightens colors
  • Flushes out odor sources
  • Rinses residues
  • Preserves factory applied finishes
  • Removes soils left from cooking and heating systems

We offer the cleanest carpets, guaranteed!