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Dealing with humidity

Dealing with Humidity

Dealing with humidity

Natural ways of dealing with humidity.

There are many ways to deal with humidity naturally. Here are some ideas:

* Take shorter showers – Long showers produce excess steam which increases humidity.

* Line dry clothes outdoors – Dryers, even those vented outside, can produce excess moisture in the home. Hanging wet clothes to dry indoors will add to humidity levels too. Dry clothes outside and they will smell better as well.

* Use a dehumidifier – You can find a really good one here. I have one that tells me what the relative humidity is, then a light flashes and it shuts off when it’s full. This water can be used to water plants. I pour it into a 5 gallon bucket and let it sit a few days. Then I make compost tea (see how to make it here) and then use it to water a few days later. If you don’t want to deal with the water you can also work it into your plumbing, but we recommend using the water.

Dealing with humidity doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Use some if these tips listed above to make the inside of your home more enjoyable this summer.