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We are here if you need us for assumed, confirmed or preventive cleaning- sanitizing-disinfecting of homes and businesses for COVID-19. We have already done a number of these jobs and are on standby for numerous businesses that have contacted us in the event that they need us.


  • Fine mist fog the building with Medi Clean Formerly Microban Hospital Spray to slightly coat surfaces with a 5-10 minute dwell time.
  • Clean First. You cannot sanitize or disinfect a dirty surface thoroughly no matter how clean it looks.
  • Go back over cleaned areas and sanitize, disinfect all with EPA approved product.

Most clients are asking for high touch areas to include: Light switches, railings, all horizontals, door handles-jambs-frames, counters, desk areas, phones, copiers, keyboards, time card machines, chairs, benches, microwaves, tables, Etc. Bathrooms Complete Top to Bottom.  We can customize to your needs and requirements.

For questions, concerns, quotes.  Call 989-4697 / 667-3670 / 800-479-1882 / In State 800-479-1882 or