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Penobscot Cleaning Brewer Maine

Water Damage Restoration in Brewer ME

Have you had a water damage? Penobscot Cleaning is here to help!

What must be done depends on many different factors, such as:  How much water accumulated, Do we need to extract, Type of water (clean, gray, or black [sewer]), When the water damage occurred and how long it has sat, Is there already visible mold, Type of materials affected, Location, Is there heat in the area affected (in times of cold weather), etc.  All of these questions plus other considerations are very important and affect how best to approach your situation. 


          We will be placing drying equipment (dehumidifiers and airmovers) in your home.  This equipment must remain on until the area is completely dry. Do Not Turn Off or Move Equipment. Failure to keep this equipment on will only prolongs the restoration, create the potential for additional (secondary) damage, allow mold to develop, as well as add to the cost.  If you take it upon yourself to turn off the equipment, we will still bill for it’s usage for the time that it is there. If the equipment develops a problem (overheats or shuts off by itself), notify us immediately so that we can respond. If you do not notify us of a problem, you will still be billed for the time that it is there. If you do notify us, we will have you fill out an equipment stoppage form and stop billing for usage as of when you called.

           In some cases it is necessary to remove or drill vent holes in the bottom of walls, in ceilings, etc., in order to effectively treat and dry these areas. We may also have to remove larger sections in order to remove any wet insulation.  Carpet, padding, and other flooring may have to be removed; however in most cases we can successfully dry these in place.  Carpets with pads that we dry in place will require using a procedure known as “Floating the Carpet”. This is the recommended procedure by the IICRC and Insurance Companies in order to dry the carpet, padding, and sub-floor simultaneously.  Without using this procedure, it may be impossible to successfully dry these areas.  There may be two side-effects to this procedure. (1) The carpet may stretch some. If this happens, we will call in a professional carpet installer to restretch the carpet back into place. (2) In order to make this procedure work, it is necessary to attach the carpet to an airmover. A small tear, or fraying, where it is attached may occur.  This side-effect, if it occurs, is unavoidable and we can not be held liable.  However, if it does happen, we will be happy to call a professional carpet repair person to attempt repairing it.

          We will be drying the structure and affected contents as fast and thorough as possible to prevent any mold from growing.  However, any occupant(s) that have respiratory problems should not stay in the building due to possible health risks from mold spores.  The occupant should stay out of the building until the job is completely finished


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