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Penobscot Cleaning Brewer Maine

Importance of Cleaning Brewer, ME

We're asked quite a lot about the products we use to clean your carpets and furnishings. "Do you use any harmful chemicals?" The answer is no. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents in our process.

Only a few years ago, it was mainly the sensitive who couldn't tolerate the chemicals used in many cleaning processes and who chose to have natural-based cleaning solutions used in their homes and businesses. Nowadays, people are more aware of the long-term health effects of toxic chemicals in cleaning products and are switching to companies like us because we use safer and more effective products.

We recently decided to add another package to our carpet cleaning regimen that includes the use of Planet Guard products.

Every process used to create Planet Guard products has a minimal impact on the surrounding air, water and land. Even their product containers are made from recycled materials. These products have undergone extensive testing and development to ensure they are environmentally safe and free of dangerous toxins and allergens. They are Green Seal Certified and have the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval.

So, what is green cleaning? It's a cleaning process that uses solutions that are safe for the environment, your family and your pets. Of course, no matter how concerned you are about the environment, when you're paying to have your carpets cleaned, you expect outstanding results. Planet Guard products are safe AND they work.

Penobscot Cleaning is more than just a cleaning company. Our job is to try to give your carpets a like-new appearance and provide outstanding service and value. But, we're also moms and dads, pet owners and homeowners. You care about your family and furry friends. So do we. You care about the environment. So do we. For your next cleaning service, consider adding the Green Clean Package.


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