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Fire, water, smoke, soot, mold restoration & remediation in Bangor ME

Procedures:  Our technicians, under normal conditions, can clean most everything in your home.  However, at times we encounter specialty items, or extreme damage to an item, that requires a specialist in that particular field.

            At times, the homeowner wishes to help us with the cleaning. We do not object to you helping as long as it doesn’t interfere with our procedures. The most productive use of your time is in cleaning dishes and/or clothing.  We do not handle cleaning of laundry items, such as clothing, bedding, curtains and drapery.  Your insurance company may encourage you to clean these items yourself.  However, if this is beyond your capability or you do not wish to do it, you will have to call a laundry or dry cleaners to arrange cleaning of these items.  We do clean the carpets, any area rugs, and the upholstered furniture.

            During the restoration cleaning process, it is likely that we will be removing normal soiling which existed prior to the disaster.  We are happy to do so, however, remember our job is to clean up the disaster (soot, smoke, etc).  If the removal of any pre-existing soil requires a lot of extra time, such as baked on grease in an oven, our crew is instructed to move on.  At times we encounter pre-existing damage, such as scratches, cut marks, gouges, etc, that may not have been visible prior to our cleaning but becomes visible after our thorough cleaning.  We do not use anything abrasive during our cleaning and will not be held liable for these pre-existing conditions. We will make a list of items that do not clean and group them together. We recommend that you take the opportunity to do your own inventory of these items, as well as take pictures.  At times, the insurance adjuster will authorize us to throw out items, however this usually occurs after the adjuster has already inventoried these items, written them off as a loss, and discussed this with you.  We will also make a list of any structural areas, such as walls and ceilings, that do not clean up completely and will require painting.  We pass this information on to the insurance adjuster. 

            Walls and ceilings that are heavily covered with soot or smoke may not clean up completely and we will have to “clean to paint”. This means we will be pre-washing so the paint sealer can be properly applied.  We realize that these areas may clean better with a lot of additional work; however this additional work isn’t necessary when painting is required.

            There are times when we will be required to do a “pack-out” move of your contents because it is impossible to clean / restore it on site. Some of your contents may not be able to handle a “pack-out” move due to already sustaining damage. This contents is basically considered a loss unless we can successfully clean / restore it and we will not be held liable for its replacement, or further repairs,  if it isn’t able to make it though the “pack-out” move.

            We will do everything possible not to miss anything that requires cleaning.  Please keep in mind that because of the vast amount of cleaning required in a disaster, we do miss things.  If you discover an area, or item, that we have missed please let us know as soon as possible and we will ensure that it gets cleaned. 

            In many cases the homeowner is not present while we are working.  For this reason, our technicians have been selected for their honesty and reliability.  As I mentioned, we are certified by the IICRC and abide by their Code of Ethics.  During the course of cleaning, we will sometimes be required to open drawers and closets, exposing us to your personal items.  If there are any places you prefer we not do or go, please let the job site supervisor know and we will ensure that these areas are not entered.


Deodorizing:   There are different types of deodorizers that we can use.  We use a water-based, non-hazardous deodorizer with the cleaner.  We also, if needed, do a Thermo-Fog deodorization. The type of product we use in this process is called Unsmoke Thermo-2000.  This is a non-hazardous, water-based product as well.  However, if you have allergies, respiratory problems, deficiency of the immune system, or are sensitive to any type of deodorizers or perfumes, please let us know. We request, and it is recommended, that you stay out the structure until all renovations are complete.    Ozone is another method of treating odors; however we avoid using this method as it can be hazardous to the lungs. 


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