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Basements with Odors, Dampness or High Humidity Problems

Basement problems can happen to anyone at anytime. Penobscot Cleaning Inc is here to help. We specialize in dealing with nasty odors, basement dampness, and other basement related problems. Call the certified experts at Penobscot Cleaning and let us help you.

Basement water damage
Sump pump
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Do you have a basement or crawl space that is damp, has odors, or is creating mold that may possibly be trying to migrate up into the house?

We can provide real, no-nonsense solutions that work. With over 40 years in the water damage and microbial growth industry, we have the answers you need.


Hands-free dehumidification / air movement systems set up with no dumping pails or buckets. These are not the typical air exchanger systems that only work if the outside humidity is lower than the inside (which generally only happens in the winter months when your home is the driest).

In Maine, a dehumidification system is needed in most homes from when the heating system is shut off in the spring until two weeks after the heating system is turned on in the fall.

Elevated Humidity Causes: Condensation, microbial growth, structural rot and decay,  musty/sour odors, health issues to include difficulty breathing or sleeping. If high humidity has caused microbial growth to start it can bring a whole host of health issues: sore throats, constant congestion, eye irritation, dizziness, and other dangerous conditions.

Call us for a no-obligation free evaluation. We have the answer where others fail. 667-3670 / 989-4697 / 1-800-479-1882  /

We are unable to do free mold inspections. If you have mold in your home we would need to do a full and comprehensive mold inspection, done by our certified mold inspector.

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